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Every weight loss journey is different.

That's why, here at Inspire Med Spa, we consider everything to make a personalized weight loss program. Although weight gain is often associated with excess calories, other considerations are often overlooked (e.g. hormones, insulin levels, thyroid levels, stress levels, medications, and food intolerances). These considerations play a role in not only weight gain but weight management as well.   

Chronic weight gain and obesity is currently epidemic issue. Weight gain is a risk factor for many conditions, including heart disease and stroke, which is currently the leading cause of death. Being overweight and obese can also lead to diabetes which has its own problems, including limb amputations, blindness, and kidney disease.

Overweight and obesity are medical issues that need a medical solution.



Weight Loss

  • Learn healthy habits to form a healthy lifestyle.

  • Provide you with medical supervision for the best outcome for your medical condition. 

  • Steady weight loss that is sustainable. 

  • Nutrition skills and education.

  • Maintaining, monitoring, and surveillance on other conditions that may be causing you weight gain.


Minimum of 3 months is required. We require a 3 month minimum because time is required to make the required changes to create a lifestyle that is sustainable for you. The weight didn't come on overnight, weight loss cannot be expected to come off overnight. 


Program Includes:

  • Physical Exam

  • Blood work 

  • Bio-analysis body scan

  • Medical evaluation and supervision

  • Nutritional plan

  • Weekly prescription weight-loss injections  

  • Bi-Weekly weight management vitamin injections  

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